Rojo : Feeds Social Networking

With the advent of Web 2.0, websites have sprung to a new level. The look and feel along with the types of functions a website could perform is exceeding our expectations everyday. Webpages that started as a static page with text and images is turning into a multi-million dollar industry which could perform functions that were done using softwares on specific platforms. The advancement is plenty and a lot of us might feel that it is hard to keep with with the new technologies revealing everyday.

feeds social networking is a website that has been impressive. It uses the state of the art technology to gather feeds and along with it provide social networking. So, you don't have to venture to a different website like shoutwire to find the latest news. It is a great place to meet other people who are like minded.

There are many websites than required to grab the feeds onto one place. Some examples are bloglines, google reader, feed lounge, yahoo etc. All these websites use Web 2.0. They differ on performance and the number of features they offer. I find Rojo rich in features and performance being excellent as well. Rojo uses tags to segregate the feeds which is much effective and superior than categories. Tags are an easy way to find the feed that we are looking in case we have hundreds of feeds.

The scene of Rojo as a social networking website is still in the beginning stages. It is yet to gain popularity and it would strictly be a matter of time before Rojo displaces websites like netscape and digg off the block.

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