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How To Design and Develop WordPress Website


WordPress is the most reputable open source CMS used in modern website design and development

Today, Wordpress is the first-runner among so powerful content management systems, like Joomla or Drupal. Complex and versatile, comprehensive and secure, WordPress is perfect for building many types of websites, from blogs to large professional websites. Wordpress technology and possibilities allow web developers and web designers develop websites with professional designs and high functionality. With thousands of free and paid content management systems available today, most web developers around the world choose developing Wordpress websites

Find out what to do to build Wordpress website and look through the basic steps of creating a Wordpress website.

Get Domain Name

There no websites without a domain. Choosing domain name is the first and foremost step you have to take when starting a website. Domain name is a unique alphanumeric name of English letters, numbers, and hyphens. A domain name should be unique, easy to remember and easy to type into the search box and the browser URL address bar. Every domain name has an extension indicating which type of organization or country the domain belongs to. Popular domain name extensions are: .com, .org, .net. Always check domain name availability to avoid legal issues and domain names that are too similar to existing ones. To buy a domain, you can visit GoDaddy, iWantMyName, or other domain name services.

Choose Web Hosting

One more vital step of your website planning process is getting web hosting company and hosting package. Free web hosts offer limited services and become a choice for simple, average websites, small blogs, online diaries. You can store the website on a free hosting, but should know that some free hosts use forced ads that appear on your website. Paid web hosts provide many services and many benefits. These are a better choice for huge websites, e-commerce, and other big web projects. Paid web hosts vary depending on prices and services. Paid web hosting prices depend on the amount of the webspace, bandwidth, CGI access, technical support, domains, security and additional web hosting services.

You can also get WordPress-specific hosting companies specializing on Wordpress support and Wordpress website development. Before choosing a web hosting provider, know of the host supports WordPress, how many domains you can host, how long this or that web host is in business, what are the support services, analyze the hosting plan, packages and pricing.

Change Nameservers

As soon as you get a website domain name and hosting account, you need to connect the domain name to the hosting server. You do not need to configure nameservers in case your domain name comes with your host package. Your hosting provider sends you the names of the nameservers. Use your control panel and find the option to enter nameservers.

Install WordPress

To upload Wordpress, download and install an FTP program, which stands for a “file transfer protocol” that transfers files to a host server. For example, you can use FileZilla. Once you have connected to the server, find a folder named public_html or the name of your domain, and upload WordPress. Then, using the Control Panel, set up a website database. Once you have completed the installation process and created your account, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, you will be able to log in the Admin panel at yourdomain.com/wp-admin. 

After you have uploaded WordPress, you have to choose a Wordpress theme. You can pick free WordPress themes, or buy WordPress themes, or order custom Wordpress themes from a web design and development company. Then, you have to create basic website pages (Home page, About page, etc) and make essential configurations to add important Wordpress plugins and features (set security features, SEO plugins, widgets, etc) to your future Wordpress website.

Build A WordPress Website

Woweb.com wishes you best of luck with developing a WordPress website. And, if you want someone to design and develop website for you and take care of your WordPress website, we are always ready to assist our clients with creating a Wordpress website solution and building a website with Wordpress.

Basic Website Structure

Developing website structure is one of the first tasks in a new website planning process. Careful organizing website content and creating the website structure sets the foundation for a new website and its future success. Combined with other factors, a website with well-categorized content easily and quickly can obtain a high level of usability, search engine ranking and user trust. Let’s look at the basic website structure.

Basic website structure can be mainly divided into two types: hierarchical structure and flat structure. When it comes to the development of serious websites, web designers and SEOs prefer using hierarchical approach in order to further generate navigation links and create site maps. The aim behind the website structure is creating navigation which allows users to get the content they look for easily and quickly. Here are a few of the factors to consider when creating a new website structure:

> Analyze potential target audience needs and expectations
> Create an appealing, organized and easy to navigate Home Page
> Organize website content and pages into categories and sub-categories
> Remember the 3 clicks rule (the visitors should make no more than 3 clicks to get what they are looking for on a website)
> Do not overweight the site pages with distractions and irrelevant information, etc
> Develop the sitemap


Website structure should include the following basic web pages:

Home Page
Website Home Page is the first main page visitors view when visit the website. All websites have a Home Page. Home Page is the most vital website page for getting search engine rankings.

About Page
About Page tells the users what the website is all about: website subject, aim, as well as gives information about website authors and founders.

Contacts Page
Any website should generally include various methods of making contact with the website owner, website admin or website developer.

Sitemaps are an essential part of large websites, e-stores and websites with huge content that is hard to reach via the links.

The search tool is an important part of the website navigation structure, as it makes easier for users to find information they want by typing the keywords into the search box. 

Depending on a website type and goal, the website structure can include web pages: Portfolio, Company Story, Blog, News, Links, etc. 

Anyone looking to start a website should first develop well-organized and easy navigable website structure backed with top quality and relevant content.

New Website Planning


If you are serious about developing a website, then a basic website planning advice is just what you need. Below, we list main paths you have to go start a website. Starting a website is not an easy task, so making a website design and development plan is the right decision. Good website planning is a first step in the website development process.

On the whole, the general golden rule of website planning is simple: know what you want. For successful website development, you should define your purpose and put yourself in your target audience shoes. According to the website purpose and potential audience expectations you have to choose your website type and overall style. Below, find out the main points you have to think of when planning a website.

Choose website type, analyze target audience

To get a website, you have to decide on which website type best meets your needs. There are different website types used for many purposes. So, decide whether it will be an e-commerce site, informative website, personal website, or other. By defining your website type, it will be easier for you to understand target audience expectations as well make the right decisions on website design and content development.

Decide on website structure and unique features

Choosing the design style and features is one more important step in website planning and developing. When getting ideas for your new website, remember to put yourself on your target audience shoes. For instance, if you plan to start an online shop, you will have to implement user-friendly navigation, attractive menus, image slideshows, product galleries, product rating system, etc.

Plan website developing budget

If you plan to build professional website, think of how much money you are ready to invest. If you plan to create a website for profit you will have to invest in many different website development services like unique website design, top quality website programming, SEO optimization, and other off-site and on-site activities. The website development prices depend on the size and complexity of your future website.

Bring in web design and development professionals

If you are serious about getting a serious website that will serve you for years to come, you want to get a well-developed website. So, finding the right web design and development professionals is a sure way to your website prosperity. If your website is well-designed and developed, it will get more visitors, high search engine ranks and generate good profits. Experienced website designers and programmers will definitely help you on your way to getting a website that works for your purpose.

Developing a strategic plan for a new website worth your time and efforts. Thorough website planning helps you to make informed decisions about website design and development issues.

CSS: What Is Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets CSS is an important web design and development tool meant to define the look and feel of websites and web pages. In simple words, web developers use CSS to add unique style to web pages. CSS defines how HTML attributes are to be displayed on a web page.

Cascading Style Sheets CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) enables the separation of HTML document from document presentation, such as layout, colors, fonts. Styles are stored in .css files enabling web masters to change website layout by editing one single file. There are Author Style Sheets (created by the web page author); User Style Sheets (set by the web page user); User Agent Style Sheets (styles applied by the web browser to display the web page).

• CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets
• CSS defines how to display HTML elements
• CSS is used to style XHTML, XML markup
• Formatting styles stored in separate .css files
• All modern browsers support CSS


CSS In Modern Web Design & Development

In modern website development, CSS programming is a service on demand. CSS helps web design and development professionals to add fonts, colors and other formatting to web pages. Developed and maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium, CSS helps web developers to separate content from design and save a lot of working time. Prior to CSS, the presentational elements of HTML docs were contained within the HTML markup. All colors, styles, borders, fonts, etc had to be repeatedly described within the HTML file. CSS allows creating a simpler HTML file and move the formatting information to separate file.

Cascading Style Sheets CSS is one of the most useful and helpful tools web designers and web developers use to build professional websites with unique look and feel. CSS gives many great options allowing enhancing the website design and functioning. Take a glance at some of WOWEB projects using CSS Cascading Style Sheets.

CSS Coding, CSS/HTML, Programming

CSS Coding, CSS/HTML, Programming

Web Professionals Who Make Websites

Web Development and Web Design is a huge mechanism with many professionals standing behind. If you have ever wondered who makes websites and who is responsible for your website performance, we will tell you who is who in website development industry. Website building involves many types of IT specialists with different technical and creative professional specializations.

Web Developers, Web Programmers

Web programmers or web developers are web specialists who convert the website design into the high quality code. Professional website developers and web programmers deal with different web programming languages and advanced technologies like PHP Programming, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Depending on the size of the web development team or company, a particular web developer can specialize in one or more web development aspects like front-end developing, databases development, shopping carts, etc. In a few words, website developers are responsible for website technical performance and non-design aspects of the website building.

Web Designers

Web designers develop and design visual stuff that attracts the user. Website designers focus on the development of the look and feel of the website, including website header, sidebars, menus, illustrations, and other elements. To design website, professional web designers use specialized image editing software applications and then transfer the files to web programmers who turn the design into the code and the real website. A web designer’s jobs encompass web graphic design, interface design, layout design, template design, website logo design, and more technical and creative disciplines in website design development.


Website Copywriters, Web Content Developers

Website copywriters and web content developers create content for websites. Website copywriters work in various fields of web content development, including SEO content writing, article writing, advertising and sales writing, ghostwriting, blogging, etc. Website content developers create texts for all types of small and large websites. SEO copywriters specialize in developing the written content that appeals to the website target audience and contains certain keywords to attract search engines.

Website Optimization (SEO)

IT specialists providing SEO services. People involved in Search Engine Optimization review the website content and do keyword research. They use a variety of SEO tactics to promote the website and get the web pages shown up in the results of top search engines by choosing keywords that best relate to the website. They increase the webpage prominence by quality link exchange, keyword optimization, meta tags, relevant directories, etc. Without good SEO optimization, the website can’t work to it full capacity.

Web Design and Development Companies

Website Design and Development Companies offer a range of professional web development services. It is often a small and medium sized organization with many web specialists under one roof. Today there are thousands of affordable web design and development companies providing web development and support services for clients around the world. With so many web development companies around, the most important thing is to make the right choice based on your web project goal and budget.

Web Hosting and Support Services

Web Hosting Companies or website hosting providers make websites publicly accessible online. They store websites’ files on their server, giving it a unique address. There are free and paid web hosting services. Some web hosting companies provide website ongoing technical support and maintenance services to increase the website traffic, fix technical errors, and improve website optimization.

Modern Professional Website Design


As we are not the same as years ago, web design is not the same as it was years ago. Modern website design is different from the past-day website design and the future web design.

What Makes Modern Website Design

Web Design is a vast field covering many different aspects of website development. Our experience shows that it often becomes quite difficult for clients to figure out what is what in modern professional web design and what the designer is talking about. 

To ask professional website designers to design a website, the client should better understand what makes up modern professional website design. We outline some definitions in modern website design to help the clients on their way to understanding what web designers are talking when they discuss the given website design.

Get familiar with common modern web design technologies and web designer terms used regularly in modern professional website design and development. 


Interface Design

User interface design is one of the vital aspects in the website design development. Good interface design can give a significant boost to the website productivity and usability. Intuitive interface covers the creation of the navigation menus, option buttons, information architecture, and more technical tools and visual elements. The goal of professional user interface design is to be not only technically functional, but also adaptable to user needs and expectations.

Website Templates

Website templates are pre-designed websites that can be customized to individual needs of the client. One of the huge benefits of using website templates is an opportunity to start a website quickly and easily. Website templates allow you to preview the future website. There are hundreds of website templates available. Many come with logos, graphics, and standard usability features.

Website Homepage

Website homepage is the main web page of a site, also called the "front page". When a user types in a browser a website domain, the browser downloads the website homepage that contains links to other website pages.

SEO Design

Search-engine friendly web design is a design that is optimized for search engines. Websites designed with search engine optimization attract target traffic much faster. SEO friendly design combines a variety of creative and technical principles including content architecture, navigation structure, images, link flow, and many other SEO design techniques. In modern professional website design, SEO counts.


Website Usability

Usability is one more aspect that counts in modern website design. Good website navigation and design aesthetics are one of the core features that make up website usability. User-friendly design is when a site is easy to browse around for the users. Users should access and find the information easily on the website. Website usability is to place website items in an appropriate area on a web page and present the information to the user in a clear and obvious way.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

The ability of a website or a web application function well on all modern browsers and platforms is referred to as cross-browser compatibility. The cross-browser compatibility of a website is a an aspect that counts today very much. Modern professionally designed website should be accessible through as many browsers as possible. If a website pages does not work correctly or now viewable in the top modern browsers, it will drive the visitors away once and for all.

Infographics Design

Infographics design is in demand today. Infographics are a popular tool for complex data visualization. The demand for infographics design is based on that people prefer websites with good visual presentations rather than web pages with boring content. Professional infographics should deliver the right message and engage the audience. Good infographics are always an eye candy and food brain. The successful infographic presents information in a creative, clear and compact way, in the form of chart, map, instruction, etc.

Designing a website is a complex task with many other terms and aspects involved. You should always feel free to ask us about any aspect of the modern professional website design.

Why Build Professional Website


Web design and Web Development is a complex field, and building a website is a complicated process that involves far too many specific skills and professional areas. 

There are at least four ways to get a website today. You can make a website yourself. You can use a free website builder. You can hire a jack-of-all-trades web developer who dabbles in bits of everything. After all, you can hire a professional web development company

How To Get A Website Today 

Here are your options for getting a website:
• Make website yourself 
• Use free website builder 
• Hire a jack-of-all-trades web developer/web designer 
• Hire a professional web development company 

Why have a website built professionally? Developing a website is a complicated process with many different processes and specialists involved. Building a serious website covers developing the unique design, logo designing, programming and writing quality codes, developing the database and content management system, setting up the servers, search engine optimization, content development, site mapping, and many other niches in web design and development. 

Why Choose Professionally Built Website 

When it comes to building a website that is small, simple, non-profit, with no serious goal behind – you can do it yourself. But, if we are talking about a website that you want to do more than that, hiring a professional web design and development company is often the better choice. Here is just a few of many benefits of building a website with a professional web development team. 

• Wide spectrum of web development services all under one roof 
• Specialists with in-depth expertise in the respective areas 
• Websites that balance beauty and brain, form and function 
• Websites built with usability, accessibility, optimization 
• Website maintenance and support 
• Web development contract 
• Unique websites 
• Affordability

Wide Range Of Web Development Services

Nobody can do it all. No living man all things can. Programmers are not designers, designers are not SEOs, SEOs are not copywriters. 

Depending on the website goal and niche, the process of website building may involve different types of web developers, web designers, marketers, copywriters, SEOs, and more specific professionals. Building a website with a professional web development company is dealing with specialists having in-depth expertise in their respective services. 

A generalist person who is taking on everything – from design to coding to search engine optimization to content writing – can never achieve the in-depth knowledge and follow latest standards, trends and technologies in all those ever-expanding areas of web design and development


The skills needed to build a serious and large website are too different, and only a good team of specialists working in tandem can build a website that has the “wow” effect in every aspect of its design and development. 

To do web design and development that wows, you need to have experience in web design, graphic design software programs proficiency, creative thinking, communication skills, HTML/CSS, web coding and web programming skills, SEO/SEM techniques, content writing skills, and understanding of many other specific areas in website developing

Web developers at a professional company keep up with latest trends and technologies in web design and development. They know all the in’s and out’s, all the do’s and dont’s. Working in tandem, the web development team can build unique websites that balance beauty and brain, form and function. Websites built with usability, accessibility and search engine optimization in mind.

Website Development Contract

Having the perfect contract is a vital part of the professional web development company services. The website development contract (web design contract, website design agreement, web development contract, website development agreement) sets good relations between the client and the company. It determines future website requirements, web design and development stages, pricing and payment schedule, deadlines, general as well as specific details of the project. A contract for building a website protects both parties in different situations that may arise during the web design and development process.

Affordable Web Development

Gone are the days when building a website with a web development company was too expensive. Today, there are many web development companies to choose from. Honestly, WOWEB services are not the cheapest, but still affordable. We try to offer individual solutions within the specific limits of a particular client. Talk to us and let’s see what we can do for you! 

An excellent website design and development takes many efforts. Most of the do-it-yourself sites are static and they often fail to function properly and do not attract the target audience. If there are web design and development professionals skillful in building an excellent website – why not ask them to create professional website for you?

Web Design and Development Contract


Website Design and Development Contract, also referred to as Web Design Contract or Website Design Agreement, Web Development Contract or Website Development Agreement, is an essential part of professional web development service. It is a formal document that determines project requirements, service stages/phases, payment schedule, deadlines, pricing, general as well as specific conditions for a given web design and development project.

The effective collaborations and professional web design and development services start with a well written and clear contract.

Why Sign Web Design and Development Contract

A contract for building a website or web application protects you, as a client, and the company, as a service provider, in different situations and force-majeure events that may arise during the web design and development process. This document lays out all must-have clauses of the project development and helps to avoid any confusion or disagreement when it comes to each party’s responsibilities. The web development contract (web design contract, website design agreement, web development contract, website development agreement) makes both parties feeling on the safe side when it comes to paying for services rendered.

The contact typically covers every web design and development aspect and indicates the top web project creation procedures.

Web Design and Development Contract Content

The contract indicates work schedule and outlines the development stages, including deadlines that have to be met. It dictates who is responsible for what and what is expected of both parties throughout the term of the contract. The contract determines the pricing for the given project and makes it clear to the client what for he/she will pay, when to pay and how to pay. The conditions under which the contract can be terminated and the conditions under which the contract can be changed/amended are also described in the document. 

• Contract scope and subject
• Responsible persons and the parties
• Services dates, deadlines, milestones
• Rights and responsibilities of parties
• Final product delivery/acceptance procedure
• Pricing and payment procedures
• Confidentiality and copyright terms
• Contract cancellation conditions
• Legal addresses/requisites of parties

Website Design and Development Contract (also Web Design Contract, Website Design Agreement, Web Development Contract, Website Development Agreement) builds mutual respect and good relations between the client and a web development company. Be sure you agree with all the conditions of the contract before you sign it.

Having the perfect contract is a vital part of the web development services. Each web project requires its own web development or web design contract and agreement.

Web Development Services


Web Development is a complex process of building websites and web applications. At WOWEB, we provide web development services based on using advanced technologies and solid professional expertise in PHP, CSS, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript and other high-tech innovations in Web Design and Web Development.

We offer web development services provided by professional web developers. Our web development company builds web applications of any complexity and objective for individuals and businesses from all walks of life. Our team focuses on the developing websites and web products that become a source of pride to us and our clients. We work together until each project has the "wow" effect in every aspect of its design and functioning. See below our top web development services!


Web Programming, PHP, CSS

Best web programmers develop fast-loading, optimized web pages with high usability and functionality. As a professional Web Development service, we are proud to have a strong team of web developers skillful in PHP, PHP5, MySQL, CSS, (X)HTML, AJAX. We create front-end and back-end pages using XHTML, HTML5, HTML 4.01, CSS2, CSS3, Java Script (jQUERY, Prototype library). We provide W3C valid code, hand coded XHTML, CSS, PSD to XHTML conversion, SEO optimized codes, cross-browser pages, and more web programming and web development on a professional level.

Website Development

We develop websites of any type and technical complexity. Our project managers and web developers assist all the way through the development of the web projects. Using modern technologies, web programmers and software developers give life to web applications ranging from online stores, business websites, social media applications, web portals, entertainment sites, and other types of websites. Website development costs vary depending on website requirements. Web development process and service at WOWEB is oriented on building professional websites.

Web Portal Development

We deliver a range of effective solutions for web portal development. Developing a web portal is all about building an interactive website with the high usability, accessibility and functionality levels. Through using web portals internet entrepreneurs gain new opportunities to expand small and big businesses online. Our team develops web portal solutions according to your objective, concept, industry niche and target audience expectations.

E-commerce Website Development

Our web developers create solid e-commerce websites, online stores and business websites that feature all essentials needed for your target users. Buying and selling products or services online have turned into a golden mine for many people. And, developing an e-commerce website covers the creation of many different tools such as search options, customer service options, payment options, user-friendly navigation, shopping options, etc. Our service is based on delivering individual solutions, as we believe that every business website needs a different approach. As soon as you decide to build an e-commerce website, you can contact us for e-commerce website development, web e-commerce design, website redesign, and affordable web development services.

Content Management Systems

Content Management System (CMS) is a software system for website maintenance and content administration. Good CMS simplifies web content maintenance and improves website performance. Using good CMS, you can update and organize website content easily and quickly, achieve increased productivity, content security, improve user experience and boost site traffic. We offer individual web solutions for web content development, content management, website CMS systems, and more web development services.

At WOWEB, we take Web Development Services seriously and deliver serious solutions for serious results. And, if you are serious about your new project, our web developers are ready to seriously assist you all the way through the development process. We give a serious priority to providing web development that WOWs.

We are serious when we seriously say that we are serious. We are seriously serious.

PS. With all the seriousness, we also know how to have some serious fun ;) This is serious.

Web Design Services

Web Design at WOWEB.com encompasses a variety of custom web design services from professional web designers. We value the worth of the website design and develop web designs that mix beauty with brains. 
Website design is all about making a good first impression like on the first date. We use advanced web designer technologies to build websites that create strong good impression in both form and functioning. Customized to client individual goals and developed with usability in mind, the website design works like a powerful magnet that attracts users to the site and keeps them coming back. 

Custom Web Design 

At WOWEB, we provide custom web design for individuals and businesses from around the world. Professional web designers create quality website templates, web interface design, website redesign, SEO web design, and more affordable web design services. 

Web Interface Design 

When designing web interfaces, our team pays great attention on usability factor. Web interface design plays a big role in the success or failure of a website. And the greatest enemy of web interface design is over-designing. Web interface design encompasses the development of menus, buttons, information structure, and design elements that attract users and make them spread the word about the site. Following are top principles we use in web interface design service: 

• Avoid over-designing 
• Focus on usability and target audience expectations 
• Engage users with unique and eye-catching designs 
• Create designs working in all modern browsers 

Website Redesign 

Even a small change to design can improve website success. Website redesign is similar to renovating an apartment and making it pleasant to come in again and again. The goal of website redesign is making a site useful and functional for years to come. To achieve success, restructuring website content and redesigning website should be done and planned carefully. Following are just a few reasons for professional website redesign: 

• Enhance SEO, SEA, SEM 
• Improve website functioning in web browsers 
• Improve website content management system 
• Boost website usability and accessibility

SEO Website Design 

Although many websites can be optimized using many non-design SEO techniques, it is better to built the site with SEO in mind. SEO web design is a complex service that includes the creation of website layout, content architecture, navigation, fonts, colors, images, link flow, and many other SEO design techniques. The idea is that even a perfect website design does not work without search engine optimization. Designing websites with SEO combines many creative and technical approaches. Here are main focuses we use in our SEO design services: 

• Develop SEO design based on analysis of competitors 
• Create proper navigation and content architecture 
• Analyze target user expectations and perceptions 
• Accessibility across mobile devices and tablet platforms 
• Cross-browser compatibility with current web browsers

Logo Design 

At WOWEB, we design logos based on company or business specifications. Designing a logo calls for a great deal of graphic design skills and creativity. A logo design requires an involvement of web marketers and graphic designers who use a variety of approaches to develop logo design that will work its best. We take into account all elements of a good logo, including colors, shape, symbols, etc. 


More Services from Professional Web Designers! 

Web design and development company WOWEB offers more web design services from professional web designers. You are welcome to discover more about our website development skills and values, as well as take a look at the way we work.

Web Design and Development Process

Website development process is a combination if technical and creative aspects focused on making the final fully respond to the client requirements. To build a website or web application web designers work in tandem with web developers and all they work closely with the senior project manager and, of course, the client. 

Web Design and Development service at our company is oriented on delivering the results that make everybody involved happy. Our team is not happy until our client is not happy. The following are general phases and stages of the website design and development process. 

Web Design and Development Concept

Any new project is started with communication and asking a lot of questions. To create and build a successful final website, our team should first understand the client goals and project requirements. The first step in website development process is information gathering, as well as putting your and our ideas sketches onto paper. Defining web design and development concept and requirements is a very important step before planning the phases and tasks of the process.

Web Design and Development Phases/Stages

Using the information gathered from the client, our team creates a plan for the future website building process. Here goes complex website creation planning, defining project tasks and setting the costs for each phase/stage of the design and development. At this stage of the process, web designers decide on information architecture, color palette, brand identity, and develop site structure and a site map. It is the phase where good communication and working closely with the designer is the key to success. 

Web Design and Development Agreement

To receive web design and development services at WOWEB, the client first signs the official contract with our company. The senior project manager creates a web design and development contract setting up clear specifications and a payment plan for the development process. To be on the safe side and protect both you, as the client, and our company, as the service provider, we ask you for a signed agreement with your signature. 

Website Design Development

Website designing and creating the visual elements. The team of professional web designers determines the look and feel of the future website. Main focuses go to the usability, uniqueness, SEO design, and website visual engagement, including eye-catching graphics, navigation structure, illustration, etc. Web developers then optimize the site code and work hand-in-hand with designers to convert the design into the functional website. The web designer creates three designs for future website. As soon as the client views the website mock-ups and approves the final design, the website programming stage comes in. 

HTML, PHP Programming

Writing code and programming the website is like building a house. Developing the foundation for the future website and hand-writing clean, SEO optimized codes play a huge role in future website look and functionality. The web developers create valid XHTML, CSS, as well as choose the CMS that will best fit the project needs. At this website development stage, we implement interactive contact forms, shopping carts and make the website functional using advanced technical tools and web programming solutions. 

SEO, Content Development

Website development process is never complete without good on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO). Proper search engine optimization, keyword optimization and keyword research maximize website online visibility and attract target audience. Without SEO, internet users and potential customers might not even know your website or business exists. SEO specialists and website copywriters from WOWEB use ethical SEO solutions and content writing techniques that work. 

Website Pre-Launch Testing

Launching a new website is a huge step for both the client and the website developers. Before the website goes live, it needs to go through some pre-launch checks. To check if website files have been uploaded correctly, some of pre-launch checks will need to be done after the website has been uploaded to the server. Every aspect of the developed website should be checked before people start visiting. Once the client gives final approval, we let the world view the website! 

Launch New Website

Official launch of the developed website. This is the day when the public can see the fruits of our labor and visit the new website. This is the result of great collaboration between our team of website developers and the client. After our company transfers the web site to the client, the web site becomes the property of the client. Upon request, we can provide website maintenance and additional SEO optimization service to increase website exposure on search engines and attract target audience. 

WOWEB is a professional Website Design and Development Company operating in the Web Development industry since 2006. We design and develop websites of any complexity for clients around the world. If WOWEB sounds like the kind of web design and development service you can trust – then get in touch via this blog or come visit us at company official website.

Web Design and Development Services

At WOWEB, we design and develop websites. Professional websites that balance beauty and brains. Our company offers web design and development services encompassing complex technical and creative solutions in the website building and maintenance.

We expect you saying "So what? When there are hundreds of web design and development companies to choose from, why choose WOWEB?" Our only reply is: you never know until you try us. We can say how awesome is our company until we are blue in the face. But, we’d rather say it through our web design and development services.


Web Design Services

Web design development at WOWEB is a range of website design services from professional web designers. We design websites and custom web apps of any complexity for individuals and businesses from all walks of life. Our web development company goes far beyond website design development. We also provide web design for website promotion needs: logos, banners, print design and more affordable web design and development services!

  • website redesign
  • s.e.o. web design
  • social media design
  • website templates
  • web interface design
  • logos designs
  • banner designs
  • print designs

  • Web Development Services

    WOWEB in-house web development gurus turn graphic designs into functional websites using various programming languages and knockout technical mastery. Our web development covers programming solutions on PHP, PHP5, MySQL, CSS, JQuery, HTML5, AJAX, and all the advances of modern website building. At our company, clients get hand coded XHTML, CSS, PSD to XHTML conversion, SEO codes, and professional web design and development services from experienced web developers!

    • xhtml / html 5 / css 3
    • database access & mapping
    • content management systems
    • e-business / ecommerce solutions
    • customer relationship management
    • web portal development
    • web application frameworks

    SEO, Copywriting

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and web content are the next two puzzle pieces of website design and development process. Without content and good SEO optimization “the puzzle” is never complete. A website without SEO and unique content is like beauty without brains. To attract users to the site and engage them on site, we combine different SEO, SEM and web content methods. Our web design and development company delivers unique web content, website copywriting, SEO copywriting and related SEO services focused on enhancing website credibility in both people’s eyes and search engines.

    • search engine optimization
    • domain name registration
    • search engine marketing
    • social media marketing
    • web search engine analytics
    • seo copywriting, seo content
    • website copywriting 

    Technologies we use in our web design and development services: PHP5, CSS 2.0/3.0, JavaScript 1.8, AJAX, MySQL, jQuery, DHTML, HTML 4.01, HTML5, XHTML 1.0, XML 1.0, Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4, Advanced PHP.

    No words will convince you until you try our Web Design and Development Company.

Web Design and Development That WOW!

Life inside WOWEB is dynamic, driven by professional approach and the spirit of innovation. Company web design and development team works in tandem within a collaborative “all for one and one for all” environment. That said, we see each other every day to turn client ideas into reality and make things work on the Web.

We design websites and build complex solutions, use proven web techniques along with innovations and keep up with the latest & greatest trends on the modern Web. We discuss, plan, create, design, develop, optimize and assist clients all the way through web design and development.


Behind WOWEB doors there is a web design and development team with individual, enthusiastic and positive approach to any project coming in. The company crew consists of in-house web designers, web developers, website copywriters, SEO, and project managers. Nice intelligent people that work hard (sometimes party hard, but shhh, don't tell mama) and are very easy to deal with. We are like one big family of 25 dedicated friends and colleagues. The oldest in our family is 35 years old. The youngest of us has 23. Five of us are sweet and smart ladies (yep, they really are). We have a total of 14 cute babies (and future web gurus). Together, we combine more than 100 years of service in various fields of web design and development.


As our company has been in the industry since 2006, we have built web applications of any complexity for clients from around the world. At WOWEB, we don’t like saying how good we are, but we believe our web design and development Portfolio speaks volumes of our technical and creative skills. WOWEB has successfully completed a variety of web design and development projects ranging from one-page websites to large Ecommerce sites, online stores and web portals for dozens of industries, businesses and individual projects. Our skills include PHP5, CSS 2.0/3.0, MySQL, JavaScript 1.8, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4, HTML5, XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, AJAX.



Ethics and quality are the cornerstones of our web design and development services and company operation as a whole. Every WOWEB team member enjoys his/her job, so genuine dedication goes into all websites we design and develop. We create an open trustworthy relationship with clients, brainstorm individual web solutions, coordinate project creation process, schedule the development stages and deliver company web design and development services in a friendly, timely, cost-effective manner. We never leave our clients alone with their difficulties or ideas on project implementation and help with creative or technical advice if needed. We don’t leave clients until they are feeling OK with final website design and functioning. WOWEB stays in touch with the client all the way through the process of our company web design and development services.

Web Design and Development Blog

Welcome to Web Design and Development Blog and just a friendly web spot launched by professional web development and design company WOWEB. We are a team of IT professionals skillful in all aspects of website design and development.

What High Web is all about

Our web design and development blog is dedicated to all things in and around graphic web design, web development, search engine optimization, website copywriting, and internet marketing. But not limited to. High Web is a way to share company projects and continuously communicate with friends and new-comers. Here everyone familiar and not familiar with website creation will be able to browse through articles, tips, basics, humor, and behind-the-scenes looks at web design and development.

Web Design

This corner of HW focuses on tips, inspirations, resources, technologies, and trends in the website design. Web designers, website redesign, SEO web design, web design services, social media design, print design and everything in between in simple words.

Web Development

The observations of Web Programming, PHP Programming, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, CMS, and everything in and around modern web applications and website development. You will discover a variety of web development tips and see how professional web developers build websites.

SEO, Copywriting

SEO talk and useful advice on optimizing websites for search engines. From time to time, we will share our search engine optimization experiences and discuss seo basics, seo keywords, link building, seo copywriting, seo vocabulary and do’s and don'ts of modern website optimization.

Web Design and Development Company

The latest buzz in web design and web development at WoWeb. We welcome you to take a look into our company and the way we deliver services. Know how life is going on at our house, who we are, what we do and more about us!

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