Use Yahoo! Mail to Get Email

Yahoo! Mail has been around a very long time. The main difference between Yahoo! Mail and many of the other online email programs is that you are able to retrieve email from other email addresses using it on top of your Yahoo! Mail email.


This is what I mean; When you sign up for your Internet connection with your local Internet service provider (ISP) you often get some email addresses to go along with it. Using Outlook Express or another desktop type email program you can't get your email when you are on vacation or at a friends house. Using Yahoo! Mail you can. Sign up for Yahoo! Mail and enter the email information from your ISP. Then you can retrieve your email from any computer with an Internet connection just by going to Yahoo! Mail and signing in.

Setting Up ISP Email With Yahoo! Mail

  1. Sign up for and sign into Yahoo! Mail.
  2. Click "Options" listed at the top, right hand side of the page.
  3. Click the link that says "Mail Addresses".
  4. Click the "Add" button to start adding your email address to Yahoo! Mail.
  5. Name your account. This is whatever you want to call it. Call it "My email" if you want to. Then click "Continue listed at the bottom of the bottom of the page.
  6. In the box where it asks for "Mail Server" put the server name your ISP gave to you. It will look something like or .
  7. In the box labeled "Username" put the username you use to get your email from your ISP. This may have been something you chose or it could have been given to you.
  8. Next put in your password. This was given to you at the same time as your username by your ISP. It's usually something personal that you chose yourself.
  9. If you want emails received from this email address to show up in Yahoo! Mail in a different color then choose the color here. Then click the button that says "Setup Mail Server".

Edit Yahoo! Mail Options

  1. When you get back to the page that has all your email addressees accounts listed click on the name of the one you want to edit. Click the "Edit" button. Editing the email address may be very important.
  2. Look down to the "Deliver To" box. You can put your emails from this email address in another folder other than the Inbox if you want to.
  3. See where it says "Leave mail on POP server". This means that if you want to read your emails on Yahoo! Mail but you still want to be able to retrieve them on your other email program later you want to check this box. If you are always going to read your emails on Yahoo! Mail and you are never going to download them to another email program then uncheck this box.
  4. "Retrieve new messages only" is useful when you have the "Leave mail on POP server" box checked. You've already read yesterdays email but you still have it stored on the server so you can download it to Outlook Express when you get home from vacation. You only want to retrieve messages you haven't already downloaded and read.
  5. "Use filters" allows you to set up filters for certain messages. Say you want all the messages from your mom to go to it's own folder. You can set that up using the filter option that Yahoo! Mail also offers.
  6. Click "Save changes" when finished.

Checking Your New Email

  1. When you're finished setting up your ISP email address on Yahoo! Mail you can start retrieving it. Click on "Mail" in the menu at the top of the page.
  2. You'll see a box in the left hand column called "Check Other Mail". In this box is the names of the ISP email addresses you set up. Click on the one you want to check.
  3. You will now be taken to your new emails. Click on the one you want to read and you are reading your ISP email on Yahoo! Mail. 


Firefox, Better Way To Browse

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing is my favorite thing about using the Firefox browser. Tabs are like having more than one window open, but they are all in one window. There are tabs at the top of your browsing window, each with the name of the Web site they have on them listed in the tabs. You can have as many tabs open at a time as you want, I'm not sure what the maximum amount of tabs you can have open at once, but it's a lot.


When using the Firefox browser you can use tabbed browsing for many things. One common thing you can use tabbed browsing for is when you are reading the news or your favorite forum. You see a link you want to read but you don't want to loose the page you are already reading. You right click on the link and choose the menu link that says "Open Link in New Tab". The new Web page now opens in a new tab while the Web page you were reading remains open. Now you can finish reading the Web page you are reading and read the other one when you are finished.

Pop-Up Blocking

Pop-up blocking is built right into this browser. No longer will you have to put up with obtrusive ads popping up all over the place while you are trying to surf the Web. This pop-up blocker works really well. I never see pop-up ads while browsing. Windows I want to pop-up work fine though.

Integrated Search

Search the Web right from your browser with Firefox. There is a search bar right on the top of the browser so you can search the Web without having to go to your favorites search engine's Web page first. You can search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, Ebay and Creative Commons.

If you want to add a different favorite search engine to your Firefox browser's search bar you can. When you click on the "Add Engines" link you can choose from a large list of sites you can add to the search bar. Some of the sites you can choose from are The Weather Channel, Food Network Recipes, Wikipedia, Webster's Dictionary and many more.

Customize Firefox


Change the way your Firefox toolbar looks and works. Install extensions and themes to make your Firefox browser look different and do more. There are all sorts of themes, so you can customize the way your Firefox browser looks. There are also extensions you can add to your Firefox browser. Some of these extensions make your tabbed browsing better, some make Firefox's accessibility better for the disabled, and some are just fun.


I highly recommend Firefox over Internet Explorer as a browser. In my opinion, Firefox is a much better browser than Internet Explorer, and has a lot more features and extensions you can get for it. Firefox also doesn't crash as much as Internet Explorer for me. That may be just me, but I think it's significant to mention it in this review. I find Firefox to be the best browser I have tried. I haven't tried all of them, but I have tried several and this is my favorite.  


Google Page Creator

Creating a Web site has never been easier. Google has again outdone itself with Google Page Creator. There is a waiting list for Google Page Creator right now and you must have a Google account to even sign up to sign up for Google Page Creator. To get a Google account you either have to know someone who already has one and have them send you an invite or you can get a Google invite by cell phone if you have a cell phone with text messaging.

After you sign up for an account with Google you will need to request a Google Page Creator account. To get a Google Page Creator account you need to go to the Google Page Creator page. Enter your Google email address, that's the one you received when you signed up for a Google account, into the box and click on "Add to Wait List". Then you wait until you receive an email from Google Page Creator telling you that your Google Page Creator account has been enabled.

Once your account has been enabled, this could take weeks or even months, you will be able to create your first Web page in minutes. The simple to use point and click design will have you creating great looking Web pages and and an entire Web site without really thinking too much about how to do it. Google hosts the pages you create with Google Page Creator too so you know your Web pages will be safe.

There are 4 different layouts and 41 different styles you can choose for the look of your Web pages. You can change the way your text looks too. Choose different colors, styles and size for your words. Make them bold, italic or change the font style. When you want to add text just click on the page right in your browser and start typing. When you are ready to publish your page just click "Publish" and your done.

This is great for those of us who have very little time, energy or patience to create a Web site and yet want one or need one. It took me only a couple minutes to create my first page and you can do it too.  


Greeting Cards Online for Free

123 Greetings has all kinds of e-cards you can send to your friends and family for special occasions. There are e-cards for just about anything. Send e-cards for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, just for fun and whatever else you might want to send a greeting e-card for.


 Send cute e-cards or serious e-cards. You can just look through the site and send e-cards to your friends for fun. Some of the e-cards are really funny or cute and sometimes people just send them to each other so their friends can see them too.

If you're looking for a special kind of e-card to send to your mother for Mother's Day or to your wife for Valentine's Day you are going to have some tough choices. There are so many e-cards to choose from for each holiday or special occasions. There are animated hearts, flowers, cats and anything else.

If you want to celebrate other special days they even have e-cards for Hug Your Cat Day, Plant Something Day, Lilac Festival, International Pickle Week, Circus Day and many others.

hugging cats

You could just send e-card for friendship too. There are many friendship e-cards as well as thank you e-cards that you can send to your friends too. There are also good luck e-cards and get well e-cards you can send to your friends when you need to.

Happy birthday is probably one of the most popular and they have e-cards for that too. There is an animated bear hugging a heart, hearts full of surprises, pat-a-cake cake and much more. These e-cards are interactive, that means they do special things when you click on them.


All you have to do to send an e-card is find the one you want to send. Then you enter your email address and name and the name and email address of the person you are sending the e-card to. Enter a personalized message for that person and send it. Your friend may be so happy that you sent them an e-card that they will send you one back.  


Download Movies For Free

movie night

Download and watch videos from around the Web for free. Some are movies and TV shows, and others are videos that other people have created themselves. Some are humorous, and some are not safe for children to watch. These are free and legal.

  • AltaVista's Video Search - Search for videos online with this video search engine from AltaVista. You can choose to search for short clips or something longer. Videos you can search for are in several different formats.

  • Atom Films - Funny, short videos. Some, many, are not safe for viewing by children. Some are funny and silly, others are just plain weird.

  • eBaum's World Humor Portal - Another site full of humorous videos. Whenever you have humor you may find that some are not suitable for children.

  • Free Movies by Entertainment Magazine - Classic films for you to watch, free. Cartoons, comedy, adventure, horror, romance and much more. These are the classics. You can watch them for free from here. There's The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin and many others.

  • Google Video - Music videos, TV shows, movie trailers and more. Some are free, others you have to pay a small fee.

  • MilkandCookies - Movie clips, parody and more.

  • National Lampoon Videos - Videos by National Lampoon.

  • Singing Fish - Search for videos online.

  • Truveo - Another video search engine.

  • vMix - Parody and other funny videos. Advertisements, animation, celebrities and more.

  • Yahoo! Video Search - Search for videos online with Yahoo!.

  • You Tube - People upload videos they make and you can watch them. You can upload your own too. 


Browsers for Dummies

As the search for a common platform between computers which run on different operating systems started, the internet was the answer. Internet was invented in 1991 and around the same time, text only browsers were also programmed. So, in theory, browsers have existed since 1991 but they didn't support images until 1993 through Mosaic 1.

As the internet advanced, so did the browsers. This article talks about the 'behind the scenes' of a browser, layman comparison of browsers and an insight into the future of browsers.

A browser is a simple computer program that can detect the code and execute it not on the user's computer but on the host server. Hence, a website that is loaded from a server works on all the operating systems as the actual code is being executed on the server and not on the user's computer. A browser just shows you the result of the code. Hence the name browser.

Presently we have a big choice of browsers to choose from. Some popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Flock etc. We have different browsers written by different companies. Some browsers like firefox and flock are open source i.e different people contribute code to the program with a view of developing the program and not for financial gain. Internet Explorer is from Microsoft and it comes pre-loaded on all Windows machines. Hence Internet Explorer has become a generic name for a web browser. Mac has its own set of browsers like Safari and Camino along with Firefox.

Just listing the available browsers is no fun. The truth remains in the backend as to the main differences between the browsers.

There is an organization called W3C which makes the coding rules for all the browsers. In the sense, W3C specifies how a particular code should be executed and the general set of code that it recognizes. Internet Explorer is a browser which does not adhere to the W3C rules and they made their own set of rules and their own functions. This has caused a big controversy in the browser industry. Many geeks like myself have not supported Internet Explorer's stand on code deciphering. Firefox is the browser that is most popular with people who are knowledgeable about computers and internet. It follows the rules very closely and web designers often do not have problems with firefox but on the contrary Internet Explorer is a nightmare. I wrote an article on why Internet Explorer shouldn't be used a while back. Opera and Flock are popular but not as much Firefox. Read an article by me on browser wars. It talks more about different browsers and there are some interesting comments as well.

Modern browsers are developing many features that make our browsing experience a wonderful one. All the latest browsers have tabs. If more than one website needs to be browsed, a new window need not be opened but a tab would accomplish the job just as good or maybe better. Firefox uses extensions which can extend the functionality of a browser from just browsing to a lot of different functions. There are rumors that 3D browsers are going to be a reality in the very near future.

These are some of the basic things that one needs to know about a web browser. If you feel that there needs to be more information covered under this topic, do let me know. I will be eager to hear your opinions.


MySpace for Your Space

my space logo

MySpace is a place where you can create your own space online. Maybe you want to put up a page on the Internet that says a little bit about who you are. You want to add pictures of you and your family. Maybe you even want to create a blog so you can keep track of the things that are going on in your life.

MySpace will let you do all of that. Creating a space with MySpace will give you a place on the Net to call your own. You can list your hobbies and favorite things to do. You can talk about your life and your family. You can show off pictures you have taken. This is your place to talk about you. It's kind of like a personal business card of yourself, online.

Go go and set up an account. Add a photo of yourself if you have one. Fill out the profile and start adding friends to your profile. MySpace is a community so find your friend's MySpace account and add them. If your friends don't have MySpace accounts yet you can send them an invite right from your profile.

Don't, however, add information like your address and telephone number to your MySpace account. You don't want strangers showing up at your house or calling you on the phone. Also don't talk about where you work or go to school, for the same reason. Also be careful what you write about online. You never know if your employer, teacher, parent or someone else important in your life will be reading your MySpace profile.

There is a way to make your profile private or password protected if you don't want other people seeing it. This would be your best bet for privacy but not very good if you're on there to make friends and meet people. Use some common sense when posting things on your MySpace account and you will be fine.


Web Site Hosting

web hosting

There are many places online where you can have a Web site. Some are free, some are not. If you only want to build a small personal Web site then free is good enough. If you want an online photo album then you will want to use a photo hosting service. If you want to create a blog then you will want to use a blogging service. If you are building a bigger personal Web site or you want to create a Web site for your business then you will want to use a pay hosting service.

Free Hosting - Here is a small list of a few free hosting services.

Photo Album - This is a small list of a few photo album services.

Blogging - These are a couple good blogging sites.

Pay Hosting - Here are a couple hosting sites you can use for your business site of a larger personal site.