Links to You

I found another great resource a few months back. It's called Links 2 You and it does exactly that. By adding your site to the list, you get lots and lots of links back to your site.

So what, you ask? Well, some search engines improve your ranking depending upon how many links there are back to your site. This is good because it means you are more likely to show up close to the top of a search, which means your site may be visited more often.

What Links To You does is create a series of pages which contain links to all of the sites who have signed up for the service. You download these pages to your site and include a link to them. Now when your site is spidered by the search engines the links to all of the other sites get recorded.

Since every other site in the list is doing the same thing, what happens is you wind up getting a whole lot of links back to your site very quickly.

It's easy and I think it's pretty cool.

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