What Is A Weblog


In the Beginning

Back when the Web was new and Web pages were just being thought of people started writing online diaries. That's what they were known as back then. They were written on simple HTML Web pages. No special effects, except for the occasional Javascript or dHTML fun. They had a guestbook so people could leave messages. That was pretty much it.

The writers of these online diaries wrote in them just as if it were a real diary. Most didn't think that anyone would really read them, after all the Web is a big place, who would read their dinky little Web site. Then it happed that people actually started reading online diaries.  Online diaries became popular and online diarists were becoming famous in the online world. They started making their Web sites fancier and more compelling. They all had fancy names like Living In The Bonus Round and Diary of an Average Australian.

For a long time people on the Net questioned why anyone would want to post their diary online. They couldn't figure out what would possess someone to put the most private, intimate details of their lives on the Net for all to see and read. They questioned the sanity of some of these online diary writers.

Here and Now

Here we are 10 years later and for the past few years there have been online and software programs that will let you automatically create an online diary. You don't need any HTML knowledge or any coding at all. Just sign up start writing. They're not called online diaries anymore, now they're called Weblogs or blogs.

Millions of people have blogs. People from all over the world blog. They are of all ages all races and lots of different countries. Even kids can have blogs, although legally you need to be 13, kids of all ages are doing it. It's so easy to write a blog now that anyone can do it, even generation X'ers and baby boomers can handle having a blog, and they do.

Today's blog lets you add photos with the simplest of ease. With some all you have to do is upload the photo with a photo upload tool that's right in the blog and add the photo where you want it. Couldn't be simpler. A lot of blogs also let your readers reply to your posts. This is a great feature if you like conversing with others on the Web about your life.

Signing up to have your own blog is simple too. Just go to a blogging site like Blogger or Live Journal and follow the directions. Then you just have to remember to go back to your blog and update it once in a while.

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