McAfee Antivirus

For many years McAfee has been keeping computer virus' off computers. McAfee offers computer virus protection for your computer for a yearly fee. Their virus scanner will check your computer for computer virus' and some other things that plague your computer. McAfee's computer virus protection also comes with a program that will catch computer virus' as they come in to your computer so your computer never gets infected by the computer virus.

If you've ever received an email from a stranger with an attachment there's a possibility that your computer may have come in contact with a computer virus. Opening a strange email attachment can be potentially very dangerous for your computer. That's not the only way your computer can be infected with a computer virus though.

Computer virus' can come in your email as a self opening attachment too. As soon as you open the email you become infected with a computer virus. Computer virus' can sometimes be coded into a Web page. You're browsing along, looking at personal Web pages and Zap!, you're infected with a computer virus. Almost as common as computer virus' that come in your email are computer virus' that you can get from file sharing programs. These are programs you use to download music, video and other files over the Internet using a program that you download. These programs are not secure and can, occasionally, contain a computer virus.

When you use an antivirus program such as McAfee to protect your computer from a computer virus you will be less likely to get a computer virus on your computer. If you get a lot of junk email, known as spam, if you like downloading music or you often browse uncharted territory on the Net then you definitely need an anti-virus program like McAfee.

McAfee offers antivirus help for individuals and businesses. It's also offered in many different countries. McAfee also offers more than just anti-virus help. McAfee also has other programs to help protect your computer from spam, spyware and many other things.  

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