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Animals Personality Tests for You Explained

Animal Personality tests explained
The Animal In You test takes into account the social and biological factors that go into the making of one’s personality. Who hasn’t ever wondered about the peculiar animal traits displayed by spouses and bosses? To feed the curiosity and to add to the fun factor there is a boom of various versions of this personality test.

The Animal in You by Roy Feinson

‘The Animal In You’ by Roy Feinson has been described as “the ultimate party book”. The elaborate personality test in the book has been simplified for the internet. Owing to its popularity the book has been translated into more than twelve languages. It got wide media coverage through CNN and Dr. Phil’s show and various others television and radio channels.

Traits Taken into Account for The Animal In You Personality Test
The various biological and social factors that have been taken into account to design the test are aggression, gregariousness, attractiveness, dependability, intelligence, athletic ability, life success, love of travel. These traits are said to run common among all species of the eco-system.

How does the Animal In you Personality Test Work?
The test working is based on algorithm. The personal data entered by the test takers is converted mathematically. The test compares it with the database of animal profiles already available. The final step is to match up the user data with the closest resembling animal profile. The results are mostly accurate and suitable. One may get mere than one result but it is only to one animal that his personality completely matches up with.

The Animal Database for the Animal in You Personality Test
Most versions of the test have a database of about four dozen animals. They are categorized in the broadly as birds, reptiles, carnivores, insectivores and rodents and herbivores.

The Many Versions of The Animal in You Personality Test

This test has several versions. Various sites have come up with different designs of the test. The traffic to this immensely popular test increases viewer ship and revenue of the sites that offer this test. Apparently diverse looking with diverse format and question set all the Animal in You Quizzes work with the same methodology and give similar results.
The Animal in You Test is meant to be a fun application. Owing to its universal nature it has appealed all classes of people and has recently gained immense popularity over the internet.
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