Web Design and Development That WOW!

Life inside WOWEB is dynamic, driven by professional approach and the spirit of innovation. Company web design and development team works in tandem within a collaborative “all for one and one for all” environment. That said, we see each other every day to turn client ideas into reality and make things work on the Web.

We design websites and build complex solutions, use proven web techniques along with innovations and keep up with the latest & greatest trends on the modern Web. We discuss, plan, create, design, develop, optimize and assist clients all the way through web design and development.


Behind WOWEB doors there is a web design and development team with individual, enthusiastic and positive approach to any project coming in. The company crew consists of in-house web designers, web developers, website copywriters, SEO, and project managers. Nice intelligent people that work hard (sometimes party hard, but shhh, don't tell mama) and are very easy to deal with. We are like one big family of 25 dedicated friends and colleagues. The oldest in our family is 35 years old. The youngest of us has 23. Five of us are sweet and smart ladies (yep, they really are). We have a total of 14 cute babies (and future web gurus). Together, we combine more than 100 years of service in various fields of web design and development.


As our company has been in the industry since 2006, we have built web applications of any complexity for clients from around the world. At WOWEB, we don’t like saying how good we are, but we believe our web design and development Portfolio speaks volumes of our technical and creative skills. WOWEB has successfully completed a variety of web design and development projects ranging from one-page websites to large Ecommerce sites, online stores and web portals for dozens of industries, businesses and individual projects. Our skills include PHP5, CSS 2.0/3.0, MySQL, JavaScript 1.8, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3/CS4, HTML5, XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, AJAX.



Ethics and quality are the cornerstones of our web design and development services and company operation as a whole. Every WOWEB team member enjoys his/her job, so genuine dedication goes into all websites we design and develop. We create an open trustworthy relationship with clients, brainstorm individual web solutions, coordinate project creation process, schedule the development stages and deliver company web design and development services in a friendly, timely, cost-effective manner. We never leave our clients alone with their difficulties or ideas on project implementation and help with creative or technical advice if needed. We don’t leave clients until they are feeling OK with final website design and functioning. WOWEB stays in touch with the client all the way through the process of our company web design and development services.

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