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Firefox, Better Way To Browse

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing is my favorite thing about using the Firefox browser. Tabs are like having more than one window open, but they are all in one window. There are tabs at the top of your browsing window, each with the name of the Web site they have on them listed in the tabs. You can have as many tabs open at a time as you want, I'm not sure what the maximum amount of tabs you can have open at once, but it's a lot.


When using the Firefox browser you can use tabbed browsing for many things. One common thing you can use tabbed browsing for is when you are reading the news or your favorite forum. You see a link you want to read but you don't want to loose the page you are already reading. You right click on the link and choose the menu link that says "Open Link in New Tab". The new Web page now opens in a new tab while the Web page you were reading remains open. Now you can finish reading the Web page you are reading and read the other one when you are finished.

Pop-Up Blocking

Pop-up blocking is built right into this browser. No longer will you have to put up with obtrusive ads popping up all over the place while you are trying to surf the Web. This pop-up blocker works really well. I never see pop-up ads while browsing. Windows I want to pop-up work fine though.

Integrated Search

Search the Web right from your browser with Firefox. There is a search bar right on the top of the browser so you can search the Web without having to go to your favorites search engine's Web page first. You can search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, Ebay and Creative Commons.

If you want to add a different favorite search engine to your Firefox browser's search bar you can. When you click on the "Add Engines" link you can choose from a large list of sites you can add to the search bar. Some of the sites you can choose from are The Weather Channel, Food Network Recipes, Wikipedia, Webster's Dictionary and many more.

Customize Firefox


Change the way your Firefox toolbar looks and works. Install extensions and themes to make your Firefox browser look different and do more. There are all sorts of themes, so you can customize the way your Firefox browser looks. There are also extensions you can add to your Firefox browser. Some of these extensions make your tabbed browsing better, some make Firefox's accessibility better for the disabled, and some are just fun.


I highly recommend Firefox over Internet Explorer as a browser. In my opinion, Firefox is a much better browser than Internet Explorer, and has a lot more features and extensions you can get for it. Firefox also doesn't crash as much as Internet Explorer for me. That may be just me, but I think it's significant to mention it in this review. I find Firefox to be the best browser I have tried. I haven't tried all of them, but I have tried several and this is my favorite.  

Browsers for Dummies

As the search for a common platform between computers which run on different operating systems started, the internet was the answer. Internet was invented in 1991 and around the same time, text only browsers were also programmed. So, in theory, browsers have existed since 1991 but they didn't support images until 1993 through Mosaic 1.

As the internet advanced, so did the browsers. This article talks about the 'behind the scenes' of a browser, layman comparison of browsers and an insight into the future of browsers.

A browser is a simple computer program that can detect the code and execute it not on the user's computer but on the host server. Hence, a website that is loaded from a server works on all the operating systems as the actual code is being executed on the server and not on the user's computer. A browser just shows you the result of the code. Hence the name browser.

Presently we have a big choice of browsers to choose from. Some popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Flock etc. We have different browsers written by different companies. Some browsers like firefox and flock are open source i.e different people contribute code to the program with a view of developing the program and not for financial gain. Internet Explorer is from Microsoft and it comes pre-loaded on all Windows machines. Hence Internet Explorer has become a generic name for a web browser. Mac has its own set of browsers like Safari and Camino along with Firefox.

Just listing the available browsers is no fun. The truth remains in the backend as to the main differences between the browsers.

There is an organization called W3C which makes the coding rules for all the browsers. In the sense, W3C specifies how a particular code should be executed and the general set of code that it recognizes. Internet Explorer is a browser which does not adhere to the W3C rules and they made their own set of rules and their own functions. This has caused a big controversy in the browser industry. Many geeks like myself have not supported Internet Explorer's stand on code deciphering. Firefox is the browser that is most popular with people who are knowledgeable about computers and internet. It follows the rules very closely and web designers often do not have problems with firefox but on the contrary Internet Explorer is a nightmare. I wrote an article on why Internet Explorer shouldn't be used a while back. Opera and Flock are popular but not as much Firefox. Read an article by me on browser wars. It talks more about different browsers and there are some interesting comments as well.

Modern browsers are developing many features that make our browsing experience a wonderful one. All the latest browsers have tabs. If more than one website needs to be browsed, a new window need not be opened but a tab would accomplish the job just as good or maybe better. Firefox uses extensions which can extend the functionality of a browser from just browsing to a lot of different functions. There are rumors that 3D browsers are going to be a reality in the very near future.

These are some of the basic things that one needs to know about a web browser. If you feel that there needs to be more information covered under this topic, do let me know. I will be eager to hear your opinions.

Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 is Out

firefox 2.0 beta
After the meetings held on Tuesday by Mozilla developers, they announced that Firefox 2 Beta 2 would be released on 31st of August. This was reported in the weekly status report. The users of Alpha and Beta 1 Firefox 2 would be prompted autmatically for downloading Beta 2.

On the other hand, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 last week. Both these browsers would be released at the same time in October.

Mozilla is leaving no stones unturned while they plan out the release. A software team from Toronto, Radiant Core would be redesigning the interface and making Firefox more user-friendly. The company has been working for Mozilla for about a year. They had to overcome the other two companies which were in fray to design the modern, contemporary theme for Firefox 2. The others were Meta and Raiz Labs.

IT Business reports that Firefox 2.0 will focus on four priority areas, according to Mozilla. These include search bar, icon polish, tab strip and buttons in textboxes. To date, Mozilla has already released a beta version of Firefox 2.0, which does not include Radiant Core’s theme changes, and is scheduled to release another beta in early September. That version will include some of Radiant Core’s changes, according to Goldman.

There seems to be some tension building between Mozilla and Microsoft. Both companies are trying to woo the user with a good interface, stable software and more important a browser that is secure. Come october, we are definitely going to witness one browser taking the other down.

Download Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 now.