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Essential Websites

Here are some of the most essential web sites that I've found on the internet so far.

essential websites

http://updates.zdnet.com/ is a great place to visit once a month or so. The site scans your system for all of the software that you have installed. It compares this against a list of the most recent versions available and let's you know which programs need upgrades. This is very useful if you believe you need to keep your products up to date.

http://britannica.com/ has the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica online. This is easily one of the most awesome and useful sites on the internet.

This is an excellent resource for learning about health and related issues. I find this is to be one of the best general purpose medical reference sites available.

http://pcwebopaedia.com/ is a dictionary of computer related terms. I use this site virtually every day to ensure that I know exactly what people are talking about. Is one of the better places to find shareware, trialware and freeware. It does not have as many programs available as some of the other sites, but I found it to have more of what I need.

If you want to join webrings, http://www.webring.org/ is an excellent site to visit. By far the larger of the webring hosts, this site has tens of thousands of rings available. If you want to tweak your system, visit this site for some great registry hacks. I love this site and visit it often.

If you have a DSL connection to the internet, then http://www.dslreports.com/ is essential. Visit this site if you are trying to decide between internet access methods.

And finally, for a little fun, visit http://www.zark.com/ for one of the best on-line comics available. My only complaint about this site is the length of time between updates.