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Incredible IncrediMail Email

IncrediMail is an email program you can download and use on your computer. The thing that's different with IncrediMail is that IncrediMail lets you create and sent beautiful, colourful emails. Some of the things that IncrediMail include are:

  • backgrounds you can use in your emails
  • emoticons (smileys) you can add to your emails
  • 3D effects
  • animated graphics
  • sounds and sound effects
  • animated email notifiers

IncrediMail notifier

Email has never been more fun then when you send your emails with IncrediMail. The first thing you should do when you start up IncrediMail for the first time is to select your IncrediMail notifier. This is the thing that will tell you that you have mail when new email comes in for you. These are really cute and talk to you to tell you that you have a new email. There are many IncrediMail notifiers to choose from. Here are just a few examples:
  • a duck that waddles up and quacks at you (my son got a kick out of this one)
  • a puppy that barks at you
  • a butler that says "You have mail madam" (probably says "sir" if you are a man
  • a cursor that spells out "message waiting"
  • a big happy face that says "you have an email"
  • a mail box that says "new mail arrived" while it opens up and puts a letter inside
  • random so you get a different notifier each time

The notifier can have the sound turned off if you prefer. You can also choose to have it show up on top of all your other screens or in the background. There are many more IncrediMail notifiers to choose from too. If you don't like any of the ones in the program, you can download more online.

Sending a New IncrediMail Message

When you are ready to send a new message just click on the icon that says "New Mail". When the message box pops up you will notice a style box open up along side it. The style box is where you find all the cool things you are going to use to make your new emails look the way you want them to. Some of the things you will find on your IncrediMail style box are:
  • backgrounds (so many to choose from, how do I choose)
  • animations (cute little characters and other things you can add to your emails)
  • sounds (make your emails make sounds, say things or play songs)
  • e-cards (send a Happy Birthday or other type of card right in your IncrediMail emails)
Writing Your New Email

Start typing your new email, but first check out a few of the other things you can do with IncrediMail:

  • change fonts - This means that you can change the way your letters look. Try it out and see what I mean.
  • font size and color - Make your words bigger or smaller if you want to and change the colors too.
  • emoticons - These are those cute little smiley faces you see lurking around chat boards and forums. You can add them to your emails now. No matter what you're feeling you will find an emoticon to match.
  • insert picture - You can put a picture right in your email. It doesn't get inserted just as an attachment either, but is instead embedded in your email.
  • recorder - Record a voice message instead of typing. This is great for sending messages to small children or people who can's see or read email.

Just Another Email Program

IncrediMail is more than just another email program. With all these cool features you'll feel like a high tech Web designer. Sending cool graphical email is simple using IncrediMail.

IncrediMail still offers all the normal things that email programs have traditionally offered too. You can still send attachments, add a signature and keep an address book. If you like using a desktop email program, and you want to add graphics to your emails, then IncrediMail is definitely the email program for you.