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Some Things to Know About Banners

It's "common knowledge" all over the internet that banners are no longer an effective advertising media. I've read those lines over and over again, and heard presumably well-educated people saying those same words in chat rooms, on message boards and in person.

I have a question, then, that begs to be answered. If banner ads are dead, then how come over 5 BILLION dollars were spent last year on banner advertising? That's a lot of money to spend on something that is worthless.

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The truth is actually, as usual, different than what people commonly believe. Banner advertising is not, by any means, dead. In fact, the entire industry is blooming and making more money than ever before for companies all over the world.

What has actually happened is people who surf the internet are, imagine that, changing. At first people will click on anything. I mean, look at your average newbie ... he or she will gleefully click on banner after banner, having a great time exploring shopping sites and book clubs and everything else. This is all old-hat to people like me ... I've been on the internet forever. So I'm still amazed when I watch people do this.

But the average person quickly tires of these banners. After all, most of them don't go anywhere useful or meaningful. They are just ads, after all. Too many times someone clicked in a colorful, gorgeous banner only to find the same old money-making junk on the other side.

So what's the secret? You have to grab their attention, and you have to grab it fast. You have to pique their interest, gain their trust, promise them something free or fun, and most of all, your site has to deliver on the promise.

And that, my friends, is the reason why people look down on banners. It's not the banners fault. It's the junk behind the banners. You have to have more than a banner to make a sale or gain a return visitor. You have to deliver something worthwhile.

So what's the answer? Make a good, solid website which delivers what it promises. Whether that is information, products, services or just pictures, make sure you give something to people that they want. Once you do that, make sure you are doing it well. Then your banners should be easy to design ... they will flow logically from your products and web site.

Let's say you've got a site selling yo-yo's. Spend your time making a great site with pictures of yo=yo's, stories about them, videos of the great championships, humorous bits and pieces, tidbits and trivia (where do they come from, after all), and so on. By the time you have your site done, your banners should be obvious.

Perhaps a nice flash banner with a yo-yo jumping out at a visitor? Or a yo-yo rolling out of control across the banner. The motion grabs the attention, and if someone is interested they will click.

Once you've got some banners, step back and ask yourself if you would click on it. Then ask everyone else you can find. To make it more interesting, bury your banner in with a dozen others and ask a few people questions about them. You will find out very fast if your banner is good or not.

Once you've got a good banner and you've done a few informal surveys to see if it's any good at all, by all means send it out. But be prepared to pull it at a moment's notice. If the banner is not doing it's job, yank it immediately and replace it with another. Don't stick with a banner for any reason other than it's getting you clicks. It does not matter what you spent on it, how much you like it or how good it looks. If the banner is not getting people to your website it is not fulfilling it's purpose.

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Placing Internet Banners

banners online
 The role of online advertising became in the recent years one of the most efficient and popular methods to promote a business. Banners as instruments of publicity are intended to attract traffic to a site by linking to the website of the advertiser and in this way helping them become more popular.

 101Banners.Com is a web resource specialized in various kinds of facets of banner design. Composed of a team of professional, creative and innovative designers the company has no limits in its ranges of services and is capable to create banners and aids for all kinds of products and services. It is an inspired solution to make your business famous and attractive to eventual customers.

Banners as a Way to Promote a Business

 101Banners.Com is a team formed of designers and professionals with practical knowledge, artistic approach, original design solutions and great technical skills in most areas of web design. With a series of eye-catching and functional banner ads, the company has the goal to become one of the most successful designing team online.

 As part of internet marketing process web banners represent a very effective and affordable way to spread awareness about products and for accomplishing the business goal. It is very important for banners to be attractive, presentable and informative due to the fact that human eyes always search for things which can calm the vision.

 When a custom online banner is originally and professionally designed it will increase curiosity about the offered products and services among common mass and drive them to try and use them. After that everything will depend upon the products' quality. The timing in designing a high quality web banner is also very important.

 The promotion of new products and services in a climate of high business competitions is sometimes a race to reach the customer first and to convince it of the quality of any business. 101Banners.Com offer the possibility to receive the new banner in less than 48 hours, or even within 24 hours in case of emergency.

 It is important to know that designing a truly functional, visually appealing, psychologically effective, and optimized web banner requires time and imaginative effort. This is why a 48 hours design represents in modern web design the optimal timetable.

Analyzing the Target Audience

 For every business, for every products and services promotion there is a target audience and by preparing visual aids, including web banners for them it is important to study the psychological tendencies related to attractiveness and trustfulness of banners. With a defined target audience, it is much easier to determine how to create and promote the aids and banners.

 After you target the audiences for your business, the next step is to focus on the key messages you want to place on the banner. It is important to choose the optimal images and words for your potential clients.

 Due to the experience in visual publicity 101Banners.Com team have already reached a level of optimal understanding of target audiences and deal with all the design matters using individual and unique approach. To widen the target audience the company offers banners not only in English, but in other languages as well.

Choosing the Best Design for Business

cheap banners online  By creating a visual aid or a banner it is important to focus on what the audience really wants to see, what are the most attractive and efficient trends and tendencies to catch the attention in modern advertising. For example the way different colors influence the mood, state of soul and body is a crucial factor.

 The connection between the type of promoted products and colors used in their advertising is directly linked with the success and popularity of the advertized goods. Other important elements in banners design is the relevance between graphics, images and company's services or products.

 For example, if the image is simply attractive and not obviously relevant on the product type it would be simply ineffective. The use of right words and on the banner is also of high importance. The phrases should be catchy, relevant, not too long, nor too short.

 In a short message presented on the banner the audience should find everything they require to click on it and find the product and service they were searching for.

 The main goal in creating a custom banner is to combine the aesthetical factor to entice a target audience to make use of offered services and purchase products and a pragmatic and efficient message that will make the customer choose the product or service he specifically requires.