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Join Ebay Auctions


If you can buy things at Ebay auctions then you can also sell things at Ebay auctions. Use Ebay auctions to make some money selling things you don't need or use anymore.

For many years people have been going to Ebay auctions to buy and sell things. Sometimes they buy and sell things at Ebay auctions for more than it's worth, sometimes less. Ebay auctions are a great place to go to buy and to sell things. Over the years I have used Ebay auctions to buy many, many things. You can often find just about anything on Ebay auctions even if you can't find it anywhere else.

Even things that are no longer made can often be found on Ebay auctions. Once I found a Limoges plate from a collection I have on an Ebay auction. The collection came out in the 70's and one of the plates became broken and I needed to replace it. I found it and bought it from an Ebay auction.

Finding What You're Looking For on Ebay Auctions

Finding what you are looking for on Ebay auctions is easy. Just go to Ebay.com and type something into the Ebay auctions's search box. Make your search specific, but not too much. If you don't want to use search to find what you're looking for on Ebay auctions then you can click on an Ebay auctions category and then a sub-category and look for your item from there.

Let's say you are looking for a Dell laptop on Ebay auctions. You can either type "dell laptop" into the Ebay auction's search bar or you can click on the category "Computers & Networking" and then under the sub-category "Laptops, Notebooks" click on "Dell". Over on the left sidebar of the Ebay auctions site will be a menu to help you further filter down your search.

Bidding on Ebay Auctions

Click on the link of something you want to buy from Ebay auctions. At the top of the Ebay auctions page is a button that says "Bid Now", click on this button. Type in the maximum you would bid on this item and follow the directions Ebay auctions has. If this is the first time you are bidding on something at Ebay auctions you will be asked to sign up with Ebay auctions first.

Warnings About Ebay Auctions

Be careful before bidding on something at Ebay auctions. Read the item's description carefully. Sometimes items for sale on Ebay auctions are not what the title says they are. Many times the items are not new. Sometimes the items are even broken. People do sell broken items on Ebay auctions because some people will buy them and fix them up.

Check prices for the item you want to buy at other sites before you make a bid on Ebay auctions. If you can get an item for $10 on Amazon.com then don't bid $20 on an Ebay auction. Also check to see what the shipping price is on the Ebay auction you are thinking of bidding on. Sometimes shipping is significant on an Ebay auction, occasionally shipping costs more than the item itself.

Check the seller's feedback scores. Ebay auctions keeps track of all this for you. If all the people who have bought things from this person at Ebay auctions in the past have listed negative comments, don't make a bid on an item from this person on Ebay auctions.

If you get an email from what looks like Ebay auctions telling you to click on a link and change your Ebay auctions account information, don't click on it. It may be spam and a way for people to steal your credit card information. Instead, go to your Ebay auctions account using Ebay.com and check your Ebay auctions account information and messages on MyEbay to make sure everything is right.

Paying for Ebay Auctions

Most people take PayPal for payment on Ebay auctions. Many Ebay auctions take credit cards, often only through PayPal though. Before bidding on an Ebay auction check to see what kinds of payment the person takes. Most Ebay auctions do not take personal checks. Some Ebay auctions will take personal checks and money orders but will not ship the item bought at the Ebay auction until the check clears.

Selling on Ebay Auctions

You must sign up with Ebay auctions first before you can sell anything. At the top of the Ebay auctions page is a link that says "Sell", click on it. Then click the button that says "Sell Your Item". Just follow the Ebay auction directions and soon you will be selling your item in an Ebay auction.

Make sure the amount you are asking for in your Ebay auction is reasonable. I know you want to make a lot of money when you sell things at an Ebay auction but if you place your starting amount too high nobody will bid on your Ebay auction and you will make nothing.

Internet Search Engines

Internet search engines are a place online where you can go to find out what else is online. When you need to know something or want to look something up, the best way to do it online is by going to an Internet search engine. There are many search engines to choose from on the Internet, and they all work in different ways.


Some Internet search engines are updated manually, that is pages are added by people who decide what belongs on that particular search engine. Others are updated automatically, someone programs the search engine to find pages on the Internet and add them to the search engine. Some Internet search engines, like Netscape's, are powered by other Internet search engines.

Say you have need to find out what you should feed your new Siamese cat. Go to a search engine and type in "siamese cat food" (without the quotes) and you will get results telling you what your new Siamese cat needs to eat to be healthy. Maybe you know someone with Cancer and you want to know about the different remedies out there for Cancer. Go to the search engine and type in something like "cancer cures" or "cancer symptom remedy".

All Internet search engines have their own way of deciding which Web pages show up in a search when someone types a keyword into their search engine. Be careful when searching on a search engine that you are fairly specific. If you type in the word "cat" you may get results on the animal, the play, cat grooming, cat food or a number of other things with the word "cat" in it.

Here are a few of the most popular Internet search engines:

Set Up Outlook Express


Before you get started setting up your email you will need some information from your Internet service provider (ISP). When you signed up for your email account your ISP probably gave you a username and password. You will need these to set up your email account. You also need a couple other things. There is

Setting Up Your Email

Open Outlook Express. In the menu at the top of the screen click on "Tools" then on "Accounts". In the top of the window that pops up there are tabs, click on the tab thats says "Mail". On the right side of this window are some buttons, click on the one that says "Add" and then on "Mail" in the menu that pops out.

Here are the things you will be entering into the Add Mail boxes:

  • Display Name: Put your name here. Enter it the way you want people to see it when you are sending them emails.
  • E-Mail Address: Enter your full email address the way someone would type it in to send you an email. Should look something like; myname@ispname.com .
  • My Incoming Server Is a: This should be POP3.
  • Incoming Mail Server: You should have received this information from your ISP. Check the paperwork you received when you signed up or call and ask them what it is. It should probably look something like this; mail.ispname.com .
  • Outgoing Mail Server: You also should have received this from your ISP when you signed up along with the incoming mail server. It should look something like this; mail.ispname.com or smtp.ispname.com .
  • Account Name: This is also known as "user name". It's a name you gave to your ISP when you signed up so you can access your email. It's probably the same as the first part of your email address, the part before the @ sign.
  • Password: You should have either picked a password when you signed up for your email account or been given a password, could be anything.
  • Remember Password: If you are the only one using your computer or you don't care if other people read your email then check this box. If you don't want other people being able to access your email then uncheck this box.
  • Log On Using Secure Password Authentication: If your ISP's instructions tell you to check this then check it, otherwise leave it unchecked.


After you have finished entering all your information and clicked the "Finish" button you will see your email listed in the "Mail" tab of the "Internet Accounts" box. Click on your email address to highlight it and then click on the properties button. Make sure you are in the "General" tab.

The very first thing you will see at the top of this box is the name of your email account. It probably has your ISP's incoming mail server name in here. You can change this to whatever you want. Call it "My email" if you want to. This is here to help you distinguish different email accounts from each other if you have more than one.

Next is you name. If you don't like the way it looks you can change it here. The next line says "Organization". If this is your personal email address you can just leave this blank. If this is a work or organization email address you can enter the name of the organization here.

Your email address is listed next followed by something called "Reply address". The reply address can be left blank if this is your only email address or you want replies to your email sent to this email address. If you have other email addresses and you receive your email at one but want replies sent somewhere else then enter the alternate email address here.

At the bottom it says "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing". This should be checked if you want your email to be checked automatically when you open Outlook Express or when you click the "Send/Recv" button. If you only want to check this email when you want and not automatically then make sure this is unchecked.

Click "OK" and then "Close" on the Internet Accounts" box and you are finished setting up your email. If you want to see if you have mail, click on the "Send/Recv" button at the top of Outlook Express".  

McAfee Antivirus

For many years McAfee has been keeping computer virus' off computers. McAfee offers computer virus protection for your computer for a yearly fee. Their virus scanner will check your computer for computer virus' and some other things that plague your computer. McAfee's computer virus protection also comes with a program that will catch computer virus' as they come in to your computer so your computer never gets infected by the computer virus.

If you've ever received an email from a stranger with an attachment there's a possibility that your computer may have come in contact with a computer virus. Opening a strange email attachment can be potentially very dangerous for your computer. That's not the only way your computer can be infected with a computer virus though.

Computer virus' can come in your email as a self opening attachment too. As soon as you open the email you become infected with a computer virus. Computer virus' can sometimes be coded into a Web page. You're browsing along, looking at personal Web pages and Zap!, you're infected with a computer virus. Almost as common as computer virus' that come in your email are computer virus' that you can get from file sharing programs. These are programs you use to download music, video and other files over the Internet using a program that you download. These programs are not secure and can, occasionally, contain a computer virus.

When you use an antivirus program such as McAfee to protect your computer from a computer virus you will be less likely to get a computer virus on your computer. If you get a lot of junk email, known as spam, if you like downloading music or you often browse uncharted territory on the Net then you definitely need an anti-virus program like McAfee.

McAfee offers antivirus help for individuals and businesses. It's also offered in many different countries. McAfee also offers more than just anti-virus help. McAfee also has other programs to help protect your computer from spam, spyware and many other things.  

ICQ - Instant Messaging

ICQ stands for "I Seek You". That's one of the things it does. There's a way for you to search for other people that are also on ICQ. I have found friends this way. But ICQ offers more than an instant messaging and chat program, it's a community.

IM and Chat

When you and your friends download ICQ they will get an instant messaging program that lets you keep track of your friends and if they are online. You can send them messages and if they are not online at the time ICQ will save the message until they are online and then send it to them. You can choose to view only friends that are online or you can view your entire friends list. You can also create categories of friends to keep them organized. The chat program allows 4 people to all chat at the same time in real time. While chatting you can add smileys and sounds to make chatting more fun.

ICQ Site

On the ICQ site you can participate in chats and message boards. Just choose the group that's right for you and join in. If you click on "Web Tools" in the top menu you can build your own ICQ page. On this you can tell a little about yourself so other users can find you better.

Gmail - Google's Email


Gmail Conversations

Let's say that someone emails you, you email them back, they email you again all using the reply field in your email. All of these emails will be saved together as one conversation. When you click on one of the emails you will see all three. On the left side of the screen is a link that says "Expand All".

Click on this to open all the emails in a conversation. Click on "Collapse All" to close all the emails in a conversation except the one you want to read. When a new email is received that is part of the conversation the whole conversation is moved to the top of the Inbox.

Gmail Labels

Labels are kind of like folders in other email programs, but not quite. With other email programs you can create folders to move your email messages to so you can organize them a little better. Labels can be used the same way but there is a big difference. You can label something and still keep it in your Inbox.

When you label something you can then archive it. When something is archived it is no longer seen from the Inbox. If you want to view all emails with that label then you click on the link for the label found on the left hand column of the page. All emails with that label can be seen from this link, even those that are also in the Inbox. An email can have more than one label if you want it to.

To create a label click on the "Settings" link on the top, right of the page. On the Settings page click on "Labels". You'll see a box called "Create a new label". Put in the name of your label here and click "Create".

To add a label to an email go back to your inbox and check the box next to the email you want to add the label to. You'll see a drop down box above where your email are listed. The box currently says "More Actions" in it. Pull down the menu and click on the label name that you want to use. You'll see the name of the label show up right before the Subject title of your email.

To archive this email and remove it from your Inbox make sure the check box next to the email is checked and click on the "Archive" box.

Gmail Filters

A filter is a way to have a label automatically added to an email when it comes in or to have the email be archived before it ever hits your Inbox. This is great if you belong to an email group and you don't want it overstuffing your Inbox with emails or if you just like to have your emails stay organized and out of your Inbox.

At the top of the page is a small link that says "Create a filter", click on this. The other way to get to this same page is to click on "Settings" and then on "Create a filter", they both take you to the same page. Fill out your search criteria and click on "Next Step". On the next page you can choose which filter, if any, you want to add to these emails. You can also choose whether or not you want the email to show up in your Inbox or not. You can also have the email deleted before you even see it. Then click "Create Filter".

Sign Up For Gmail

Gmail has a lot more to offer but these are the main features. To sign up for Gmail go to the Gmail Homepage. If you can't sign up for Gmail from there send me your email address and I will send you a Gmail invite.

What Is A Weblog


In the Beginning

Back when the Web was new and Web pages were just being thought of people started writing online diaries. That's what they were known as back then. They were written on simple HTML Web pages. No special effects, except for the occasional Javascript or dHTML fun. They had a guestbook so people could leave messages. That was pretty much it.

The writers of these online diaries wrote in them just as if it were a real diary. Most didn't think that anyone would really read them, after all the Web is a big place, who would read their dinky little Web site. Then it happed that people actually started reading online diaries.  Online diaries became popular and online diarists were becoming famous in the online world. They started making their Web sites fancier and more compelling. They all had fancy names like Living In The Bonus Round and Diary of an Average Australian.

For a long time people on the Net questioned why anyone would want to post their diary online. They couldn't figure out what would possess someone to put the most private, intimate details of their lives on the Net for all to see and read. They questioned the sanity of some of these online diary writers.

Here and Now

Here we are 10 years later and for the past few years there have been online and software programs that will let you automatically create an online diary. You don't need any HTML knowledge or any coding at all. Just sign up start writing. They're not called online diaries anymore, now they're called Weblogs or blogs.

Millions of people have blogs. People from all over the world blog. They are of all ages all races and lots of different countries. Even kids can have blogs, although legally you need to be 13, kids of all ages are doing it. It's so easy to write a blog now that anyone can do it, even generation X'ers and baby boomers can handle having a blog, and they do.

Today's blog lets you add photos with the simplest of ease. With some all you have to do is upload the photo with a photo upload tool that's right in the blog and add the photo where you want it. Couldn't be simpler. A lot of blogs also let your readers reply to your posts. This is a great feature if you like conversing with others on the Web about your life.

Signing up to have your own blog is simple too. Just go to a blogging site like Blogger or Live Journal and follow the directions. Then you just have to remember to go back to your blog and update it once in a while.