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Torrents: Free Downloads


Download music, pictures, videos and games for free. Do this at your own risk though. Some songs and other things may have a copyright, and that means you can't download or allow people to download them from you for free. You can find movies, music, software, games, pictures and more. Some are of an adult nature, but there's stuff for kids too if you look for it.

  • FileList.org
  • FileMP3.org
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Seedler.org
  • TorrentReactor.to
  • Torrent Portal
  • Torrents
  • Torrentz
  • Yotoshi Bittorrent Search Engine

Download Movies For Free

movie night

Download and watch videos from around the Web for free. Some are movies and TV shows, and others are videos that other people have created themselves. Some are humorous, and some are not safe for children to watch. These are free and legal.

  • AltaVista's Video Search - Search for videos online with this video search engine from AltaVista. You can choose to search for short clips or something longer. Videos you can search for are in several different formats.

  • Atom Films - Funny, short videos. Some, many, are not safe for viewing by children. Some are funny and silly, others are just plain weird.

  • eBaum's World Humor Portal - Another site full of humorous videos. Whenever you have humor you may find that some are not suitable for children.

  • Free Movies by Entertainment Magazine - Classic films for you to watch, free. Cartoons, comedy, adventure, horror, romance and much more. These are the classics. You can watch them for free from here. There's The Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin and many others.

  • Google Video - Music videos, TV shows, movie trailers and more. Some are free, others you have to pay a small fee.

  • MilkandCookies - Movie clips, parody and more.

  • National Lampoon Videos - Videos by National Lampoon.

  • Singing Fish - Search for videos online.

  • Truveo - Another video search engine.

  • vMix - Parody and other funny videos. Advertisements, animation, celebrities and more.

  • Yahoo! Video Search - Search for videos online with Yahoo!.

  • You Tube - People upload videos they make and you can watch them. You can upload your own too.