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ICQ - Instant Messaging

ICQ stands for "I Seek You". That's one of the things it does. There's a way for you to search for other people that are also on ICQ. I have found friends this way. But ICQ offers more than an instant messaging and chat program, it's a community.

IM and Chat

When you and your friends download ICQ they will get an instant messaging program that lets you keep track of your friends and if they are online. You can send them messages and if they are not online at the time ICQ will save the message until they are online and then send it to them. You can choose to view only friends that are online or you can view your entire friends list. You can also create categories of friends to keep them organized. The chat program allows 4 people to all chat at the same time in real time. While chatting you can add smileys and sounds to make chatting more fun.

ICQ Site

On the ICQ site you can participate in chats and message boards. Just choose the group that's right for you and join in. If you click on "Web Tools" in the top menu you can build your own ICQ page. On this you can tell a little about yourself so other users can find you better.