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Free Online Storage

online storage

Microsoft Sky Drive for File Storage

Microsoft's Sky Drive is available free to anyone. All the user needs is a Windows Live account, which is also free. Once the user has created his or her Windows Live account, he or she can begin uploading files. Each user is provided with 25GB of free online backup storage. Once the user logs into Sky Drive, they have the option of creating folders to organize data. When creating a folder, the user has the option of selecting who can access the contents of the folder. For example, the folder can be restricted to only the creator, or can be shared with others.

Key Benefits of Sky Drive

One of the best benefits of Sky Drive's online storage is that it can be accessed anywhere the user has a computer and Internet connection. The user does not have to worry about forgetting their USB flash drive or external drive at home. Another benefit of Sky Drive is it is provided by Microsoft, a stable company that is sure to be around for years to come, so the user does not have to worry about the company shutting down and losing access to data.

Microsoft Live Mesh for Online Storage and Synchronization

Microsoft's Live Mesh is another free online storage utility similar to Sky Drive with several key exceptions. Live Mesh not only allows the user to upload files, but those files can be synchronized with with multiple devices including the user's PC, laptop, or Mac. Live Mesh's synchronization capability makes it much easier to keep data up to date across multiple devices. Live Mesh also features a live desktop on the web where the user can view all their folders in one centralized location.

Remote Access from Any Location

Live Mesh also has another handy remote access feature. Live Mesh provides the user with a live desktop and can connect to another computer remotely. Live Mesh's remote access capability allows the user to access their desktop at home from any location as if they were sitting in front of their home PC or Macintosh.

Taking Advantage of Online Free Storage

Microsoft's Sky Drive and Live Mesh offer free online storage alternatives. Whether the user needs the large storage capacity of Sky Drive or file synchronization in Live Mesh, both provide a centralized location for data that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.These free tools will help users achieve greater flexibility, productivity, and economy.

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