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PayPal.com Buy and Sell Online

PayPal.com is one of the main ways people pay for Ebay items and items bought at other online retailers. If you sell something from your own Web site you can even use PayPal to let your customers buy your items. By using PayPal to accept orders from your Web site you also have the ability to accept credit cards. By paying with PayPal you also have the ability to pay with a PayPal credit card.

paypal logo

Let's say you want to buy something from Ebay or another site that uses PayPal. You browse for the item you want and buy it. When you go to pay you plug in your PayPal username and password and follow the directions to pay for your item. If you have enough money in your PayPal account to pay for the item in full then the money will move from your PayPal account to the account of the person doing the selling. If you don't have enough in your PayPal account to pay for the item then PayPal will use whatever money is in your PayPal account and then take the rest from the alternate account you tell PayPal to take the money from, be it your checking account or a credit card.

You set up alternate accounts with PayPal ahead of time so you can do this quickly when buying something. Setting up an alternate account is easy too. Go to PayPal and enter the bank account number of your checking account of the number on your credit card. There is a verification process to make sure no one uses an account that doesn't belong to them. When you are finished with the verification process you are ready to go buying online.

If you buy from Web site's that don't take PayPal you can use the PayPal debit card. PayPal offers a debit card for free. Sign up for this debit card and you can use your PayPal account to purchase anything anywhere that takes credit cards. Best of all, when you make a purchase with this PayPal debit card PayPal pays you. You receive cash back every time you make a purchase. It may only be a few cents or it could be a few dollars but it all ads up.

PayPal also pays interest on the money you keep in your PayPal account. Every month you will earn interest for the money you keep in this account. Use your PayPal account as a savings account if you want to. Or, since you have the PayPal debit card you can use your PayPal account as a vacation or holiday fund. Let it earn interest all year and have more to spend when you're ready to use it.

Join Ebay Auctions


If you can buy things at Ebay auctions then you can also sell things at Ebay auctions. Use Ebay auctions to make some money selling things you don't need or use anymore.

For many years people have been going to Ebay auctions to buy and sell things. Sometimes they buy and sell things at Ebay auctions for more than it's worth, sometimes less. Ebay auctions are a great place to go to buy and to sell things. Over the years I have used Ebay auctions to buy many, many things. You can often find just about anything on Ebay auctions even if you can't find it anywhere else.

Even things that are no longer made can often be found on Ebay auctions. Once I found a Limoges plate from a collection I have on an Ebay auction. The collection came out in the 70's and one of the plates became broken and I needed to replace it. I found it and bought it from an Ebay auction.

Finding What You're Looking For on Ebay Auctions

Finding what you are looking for on Ebay auctions is easy. Just go to Ebay.com and type something into the Ebay auctions's search box. Make your search specific, but not too much. If you don't want to use search to find what you're looking for on Ebay auctions then you can click on an Ebay auctions category and then a sub-category and look for your item from there.

Let's say you are looking for a Dell laptop on Ebay auctions. You can either type "dell laptop" into the Ebay auction's search bar or you can click on the category "Computers & Networking" and then under the sub-category "Laptops, Notebooks" click on "Dell". Over on the left sidebar of the Ebay auctions site will be a menu to help you further filter down your search.

Bidding on Ebay Auctions

Click on the link of something you want to buy from Ebay auctions. At the top of the Ebay auctions page is a button that says "Bid Now", click on this button. Type in the maximum you would bid on this item and follow the directions Ebay auctions has. If this is the first time you are bidding on something at Ebay auctions you will be asked to sign up with Ebay auctions first.

Warnings About Ebay Auctions

Be careful before bidding on something at Ebay auctions. Read the item's description carefully. Sometimes items for sale on Ebay auctions are not what the title says they are. Many times the items are not new. Sometimes the items are even broken. People do sell broken items on Ebay auctions because some people will buy them and fix them up.

Check prices for the item you want to buy at other sites before you make a bid on Ebay auctions. If you can get an item for $10 on Amazon.com then don't bid $20 on an Ebay auction. Also check to see what the shipping price is on the Ebay auction you are thinking of bidding on. Sometimes shipping is significant on an Ebay auction, occasionally shipping costs more than the item itself.

Check the seller's feedback scores. Ebay auctions keeps track of all this for you. If all the people who have bought things from this person at Ebay auctions in the past have listed negative comments, don't make a bid on an item from this person on Ebay auctions.

If you get an email from what looks like Ebay auctions telling you to click on a link and change your Ebay auctions account information, don't click on it. It may be spam and a way for people to steal your credit card information. Instead, go to your Ebay auctions account using Ebay.com and check your Ebay auctions account information and messages on MyEbay to make sure everything is right.

Paying for Ebay Auctions

Most people take PayPal for payment on Ebay auctions. Many Ebay auctions take credit cards, often only through PayPal though. Before bidding on an Ebay auction check to see what kinds of payment the person takes. Most Ebay auctions do not take personal checks. Some Ebay auctions will take personal checks and money orders but will not ship the item bought at the Ebay auction until the check clears.

Selling on Ebay Auctions

You must sign up with Ebay auctions first before you can sell anything. At the top of the Ebay auctions page is a link that says "Sell", click on it. Then click the button that says "Sell Your Item". Just follow the Ebay auction directions and soon you will be selling your item in an Ebay auction.

Make sure the amount you are asking for in your Ebay auction is reasonable. I know you want to make a lot of money when you sell things at an Ebay auction but if you place your starting amount too high nobody will bid on your Ebay auction and you will make nothing.