Funny Keywords Used in Search Engines

funny keywords

With the online market as saturated as it is, many web developers spend every ounce of effort in analysis, trawling through their web statistics via Google Analytics or Omniture.

In order to develop new and cleverer ways to expand their sites’ reach through better engineered keywords, they pay much attention to what keywords are attracting traffic to their sites. And it turns out, the words contained in some searches that web users tap into Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines are actually quite funny.

Not only do the strange searches create for a humourous moment in a web marketers otherwise not too interesting profession, but it also highlights room for diversity in keyword development which is possibly why we see this topic talked about more and more.

Finding Funny Keywords a Pastime

Now worthy of at least one post in an SEO related blog, funny keywords have become a popular afterthought to the harder work of web traffic generation. In fact there are even websites dedicated to funny keywords.

Ranging from the weird to the wonderful, the keywords found in the research for this article included a host of themes and topics, from oddly arranged words to very specific questions. One can only imagine what was going through the minds of the Googlers who aome up with such bizarre concoctions of things to look up.

What Googlers Have Actually Searched for

Without further ado here is a random, non-categorised, completely non-ranked, impartial look at some funny keywords found on the web. In order to maintain the integrity of this site, the more garish, sexually natured keywords have been overlooked.

1. windows makes people untrusting of friends
2. i will meet you on march 2nd
3. how do you spell crown moulding
4. Alcohol Is Not The Answer
5.Best Ways To Kill My Boss
6.Sleeping In The Bathroom At Work
7.“si daca cizmele nu sunt o boala, atunci de ce sufletul este?” (translated: “And if boots are not a disease, then why is soul?”)
8. “hats with vote written on it”
9.“I guess I made a mistake”.
10. “ways to make 7 and 8″
11. "Why Does E = MC^2"
12. "Why Does she hates me?"
13. what can it mean when a man is intensely pursuing a woman and when she finally acts responsive he keeps pursing her but also tells her that he has a girlfriend?
14. blue things you might see at a lake
15. is it okay to run in sports bra with slightly flabby belly
16. a poem to make my woman take out the trash
17. my robot suit is squeeking
18. i dont need any of your sassy frass
19. hipwaders for short round people
20. a good recipe for donut holes

What possessed them to search such random ideas only they will know. At one time or another every search engine user must have looked up something a little bit strange. Have you?

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